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The Grace Message with Dr. Andrew Farley

The Grace Message with Dr. Andrew Farley

About The Grace Message

The Grace Message with Dr. Andrew Farley consistently offers simple, straightforward, and accurate help for anyone looking to better understand the depths of God’s grace. Andrew’s teachings will challenge the way you look at God through scriptural insights, and help you live in the freedom of the finished work of Jesus Christ.

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Forgive to be forgiven? Justified by works?
Join us here for our morning service at The Grace Church. We continue our series called "Alive with Christ: Discovering our Spiritual Riches in Ephesians" with Part 5 (Ephesians 4:1-6). Below are the discussion questions for today’s message: (1) React to this statement: You can only walk in a worthy manner if you know your calling as a saint! (2) One body. One Spirit. One Lord. One faith. One baptism. One God. What is Paul trying to tell us? (3) How do you view spiritual gifts? What are they for? What have your experiences (good or bad) been with them? (4) What are the “winds of doctrine” and “trickery of men” that we see today? How can we avoid being “tossed here and there” by them? (5) How is the church (globally) doing regarding unity and love today? How could it do better? By what means?  

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Discern spiritual truth from religious lies!

Deception and misunderstanding of God’s truth can cause you to miss the fullness of God’s grace, forgiveness, and love. We want to help you know the difference between the truth of God’s grace and lies that lead you astray by sending you Pastor Andrew Farley’s new 7-part series EXPOSED: Distinguishing Spiritual Truth from Religious Lies! The EXPOSED series is our thanks for your gift to help more people break free from false teaching and rest in the freedom that is found through the finished work of Jesus Christ.

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