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Source:; DALLAS-FT. WORTH; Nielson/Scarborough FEB22/MAR22/APR22.

Household Income:
48% earn $100,000+
(market average is $62,734)

Age and Gender:
Average age is 63 years old
Male = 61%
Female = 39%

Marital Status:
66% of our audience is married
(market average is 52%)

54% of our audience has a college degree or more
(market average is 30%)

Own Home:
87% of our audience owns their own home
(market average is 63%)

Value of Home:
$350K+       181 index
$500K+       223 index
(mkt avg. is 100 index)


Dave Traynor – The Window Connection

Amanda Dodd – Patriot Protection

Bill Thomas – Accurate Foundation Repair

Dr. John Duncan – Viascan of Las Colinas

John Truitt – Simple Sleep Services

Walt Parker – Investing Makes Me Sick


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